Super Rebel Craft a game by Steve
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What is Super Rebel Craft?
Super Rebel Star is a action space platforming adventure where you explore alien lands, build space ships, craft guns and armor, mine valuable resources, and rebel against the man.

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For Windows XP / Vista / 7
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Super Rebel Craft!

  • Mine with a GUN
  • Travel the galaxy exploring, fighting, and raiding
  • Break your way in to the core planets and start a revolution
  • Build your own spaceships, motherships, space stations, and ringworlds
  • Discover alien technology
  • Craft your own equipment
  • Fight pirates...
  • ... or become one yourself and raid freighters!
  • Full version coming soon!

Thanks for your interest! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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Copyright 2010 Steve Bushman. Please enjoy!