Super Rebel Craft a game by Steve
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What is Super Rebel Star?
Super Rebel Star is a action space platforming adventure where you explore alien lands, build space ships, craft guns and armor, mine valuable resources, and rebel against the man.
Can I play it yet?
An early version is available at ALMOST NO COST -- Choose your Price
How much does it cost?
Usually $9.95 but Choose your Price Today
How good of a computer do I need?
Any Windows computer that supports XNA -- almost every Windows XP / Windows Vista / and Windos 7 computer made in the last 6 years will do.
So the worlds are randomly generated?
And I can build my own spaceship?
Soon. And your own mothership. And space station. And ringworld, if you so desire.
How many planets will there be to explore?
At least 7, with more coming in future updates.
Copyright 2010 Steve Bushman. Please enjoy!